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Do you stress? I stress!


I stress | you stress | we stress the need for Eustress. 


The Washington Conference Women's Ministry Retreat 2023 will discuss stress management and the advantages--say what? advantages?--yes, advantages to certain kinds of stress. It's called: Eustress.



Learn more about Eustress and how it fits in with your life, your relationships with others, and your relationship with God.

This will be a weekend of fun, friendship, and fulfillment. Boo, YOU NEED THIS WEEKEND! YOU do 'EU'!

Get to know our speaker:




Amanda Anguish is a Marriage and Family Therapist at Beautiful Minds Medical in Auburn, CA, and the Nedley Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program. From refurbishing furniture to refurbishing the mind, Amanda loves home and people improvement. Amanda believes in honest therapy. Her goal is to empower clients to discover the causes behind their challenges and take action to address them.

Amanda is a co-host of The Brain People Podcast and speaks on mental health and faith for retreats, conferences, and camp meetings. While she focuses on anxiety and mood disorders, she has expertise with at-risk teens and substance recovery. When she can, she loves to refurbish furniture and travel with her husband, Tim. Her greatest joy is in helping people prepare for eternity by practicing Ephesians 4:8.

Before she became a therapist, Amanda earned a bachelors degree in public relations from Pacific Union College. While working in development/fundraising for a private high school, Amanda realized that many of the students there were struggling with home and life
challenges that made it hard for them to focus in school. She wanted to find a way to help.

After reading a book on Christian counseling, Amanda decided to enter the field. She earned a masters degree in marriage and family therapy at Loma Linda University. It brings Amanda great joy to help her clients experience complete renovation!



Our 2023 Washington Conference Women's Retreat is set at the beautiful award winning camp retreat center, Sunset Lake. Experience the peace that nature has to offer through the numerous outdoor activities provided. Paddle out in a canoe on the private lake, or walk/run one of the numerous trails. Just want to relax? Lounge in the reading room with a good book, knitting/crochet needles, origami, or other craft activities. More on Sunset Lake here.






30811 Quinnon Rd E Wilkeson, WA 98396

Sunset Lake





EXTRA ACTIVITIES on Sabbath Afternoon:

  • Horseback Riding & Horse experience: Due to Sunset Lake staffing shortages, these activities will unfortunately not be offered for out retreat.
  • Guided Painting Class (FREE)
  • Hiking (FREE)
  • Canoeing (FREE)
  • Knitting/Crocheting (FREE)
  • Crafts (FREE)


  • Your Bible
  • Comfortable Attire
  • Bedding and Toiletries



  • CABINS: Please turn lights off and clean cabins.
  • PETS: Sunset Lake has a “no pets” policy. If you have brought your pet, they must remain outside or in your vehicle, RV or tent. Pets are not allowed in any camp buildings. Please check with ranger on duty for options.
  • FREE ZONES: Sunset Lake is a …
    • Drug Free Zone
    • Alcohol Free Zone
    • Gun Free Zone
    • Smoking Free Zone.

Articles will be confiscated, and the group could face other fines.

  • FIRES: Please check with the Ranger on Duty for designated areas and times for fires.
  • WATERFRONT: Adults and parents with their children may go canoeing as long as everyone is properly wearing a life jacket. If the group wants to have swimming or wading available for the guests or if minors are canoeing without their parents, we need to know three weeks in advance in order to hire lifeguards. The group leader and the lifeguard are responsible to inform all participants of the waterfront safety rules and procedures. Life jackets must be worn by everyone at all times while canoeing or boating.
  • PARKING: Park in designated areas only; please preserve our nature. Roads need to be kept clear for emergency access; please do not park in front of the cabins. The area in front of the cabins is for unloading and loading only. You may park between the cabins. Maps will be the campground will be provided to direct you to parking areas.
  • CLEANING: Your group is responsible for cleaning of personal cabins and any other building your group has used during your stay including meeting rooms, the gymnasium and dining hall. Please see the Ranger on Duty for details.
  • CANCELLATIONS: Cancellations occurring before 10/13/23 will be refunded. All cancellations after 10/13/23 will not be refunded.