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Health Ministries

The Seventh-day Adventist Church believes health is a gift from a loving God who wants us to live life in its abundance.


Health Ministries encourages and enables Adventist church leaders and members to not only experience a healthful, abundant life, but also to share the divine principles for whole person health with individuals in their communities.

Health Ministries provides churches and members with resource support, representation, mentoring, event planning, professional support and promotion of a healthy lifestyle through services and programs.

This year, one in twenty-five Americans will have one or more of their major life activities totally disrupted by a mental health issue—Christian or not.


And many of us who struggle in this area are afraid to share it, because there are still stigmas and shame associated with mental health issues in the Christian community.

This fear means that many congregants suffer in silence and feel unsupported by their church. The habits that lead to good mental health can be touched upon in just a few hours, but making lasting change requires much more intentionality.

This is why Washington Conference Health Ministries wants to provide resources of Christ  method alone  to serve our health needs in our communities. We believe this type of programs will offer some empathy to their physical needs turning then their attention and eyes to the cross.  


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