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Is Your Church Growing, Plateaued or Declining?


It's Time for Your Church to Grow Again!

  1. The Reality – Every church has room to grow! Some have a plan, but others may be unsure about what to do to help their church grow.
  2. The Solution – A prayer-filled, 3-step approach to improve the quality and quantity of any church. It's as simple (and complex!) as

    Prayer + Holy Spirit + Revangelism = Healthy Growth
  3. Your Next Step – Schedule a consultation with a Washington Conference Church Growth Expert today. It's time for your church to grow again! Everyone should be a member of a healthy, growing church!

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Revangelism Training Series

Revangelism is a new concept of two well-established church growth practices: evangelism and church revitalization. Let's learn and grow together!

Tyler Long

Introducing Revangelism

Does your church have more committees than conversions? Let's talk about three important outcomes you'd like to see take place in your church in the next 12-18 months.


Phase 1 - Personal Preparation

Identify the winning formula for growing healthy churches plus help your church develop a road map for success!


Phase 2 - Cultivating the Soil

Growing a healthy church takes intentional effort and an outward focus to build relationships in the community where you serve.



Phase 3 - Planting & Sowing the Seed

Discover Bible study interests and find the best way to share the love of God with the people your church is serving.



Phase 4 - Irrigating & Cultivating for Harvest

Help your new friends discover a more profound experience with Jesus. A 6-point invitation plan will help increase the attendance of any community event your church hosts.


Phase 5 - Harvest Time

Build continuous momentum for the most exciting time of the Revangelism Cycle: the growth harvest!


Phase 6 - Preserving & Perpetuating the Harvest

After the Harvest comes the next step of fulfilling the Great Commission: making disciples.



Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.

Matthew 9:38