Team Tabitha

In the book of Acts, (9:36-41) the Bible talks about a woman named Tabitha who was "always doing good deeds and kind acts." Tabitha means gazelle, which must have described her work - running here and there, actively living out her Christianity. Her ministry was so impactful that at her death an extreme void was felt among her community to the point where they asked Peter to raise her from the dead. Upon Peter's arrival, they "showed him the shirts and coats Tabitha had made when she was still alive." Through the power of God, Tabitha was revived and many came to believe in God through these occurrences.


aims to actively reach out to our communities by promoting education and awareness of humanitarian causes locally and globally through walking and running races that support such causes. Wanna learn how to plan a cause race? Get involved and sign up, friend!


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Two female athletes celebrate after completing a marathon in the nature.


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