LIFE Seminar


Pastor Tyler Long created this 10-part series with the belief that Jesus wants us to live a LIFE "more abundantly."


These presentations focus on improving the most critical areas of our lives. These areas include spirituality, marriage, health, emotional health, career, finance, relationships, parenting, etc.

What makes this Life Seminar different is we will include two of the most powerful tools that bring about positive change. These areas are spirituality and community.



How to Use

This LIFE seminar can be used as a 10-part sermon series, Sabbath School class, small group, bridge event, a follow-up to an evangelistic meeting, a stand-alone seminar, etc.

Print copies of the lesson guides to get the most out of this series, so participants can fill in the answers as they listen to the presenter (you).

The lessons have a group discussion section followed by a practical homework assignment.


Lesson 1: How to Start Living Your Best Life Now

In this introductory presentation, we will examine the best practices of successful people and compare these to those of unsuccessful people.

Lesson 2: How to Make Smarter Choices in Life

Everything we do in life depends on our decisions, and this presentation will introduce us to the five steps to making sound life choices.

Lesson 3: ABCs of Emotions

Learning to control our emotions will give us one of the greatest advantages to living a happy and content life. This presentation will introduce Emotional Intelligence and how to use it to recognize irrational beliefs.

Lesson 4: How to Have Healthy Relationships

Loneliness is detrimental to one's health, and one in five Americans report loneliness. This presentation looks at the single greatest factor that determines one's happiness and contentment.

Lesson 5: Good Parents Don't Have to be Perfect

Decades of research show that eating dinner as a family is the most significant determining factor for kids living a healthy, productive life. This lesson is packed full of other great parenting tips!

Lesson 6: Five Principles for Personal Finance

It's time to change your family tree as we learn how to win with money and become extraordinarily generous.

Lesson 7: How to Have an Emotionally Healthy Marriage

No marriage is perfect, but there is such a thing as a good marriage. This presentation shares how to drop the probability of divorce to less than 10%!

Lesson 8: Learning to Forgive

This presentation will look at what forgiveness is not, what forgiveness looks like, and the reasons why we should forgive. For some, their depression and anxiety can be traced to a lifetime of bitterness and unforgiveness.

Lesson 9: Freedom from Depression

Over the past 100 years, each successive generation has increased in depression. This presentation looks at the identifying marks of depression, the causes of depression, and practical lifestyle habits to help with depression.

Lesson 10: Health is Wealth

Diet and lifestyle are essential factors when it comes to achieving mental peak performance. This presentation encourages us to consider taking care of one's physical and mental health as an investment in oneself.   After all, the greatest wealth that you have is your health.


Extra Resources

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