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Church Clerks


Church clerks are the record keepers of the organization.


Each church has a clerk who manages membership data. This includes your name, date of birth, gender, marital status, mailing and/or physical address, phone number, and email.

Your membership profile is securely stored within a database called The database can only be accessed by authorized clerks, pastors, and church leaders.

General organization information, such as church/school name and contact information, is available through public access via Find a Church or Find a School.

How Your Information is Used

  • For member visitation and communication from the church
  • To differentiate between people with the same or similar names when transferring membership from one church to another
  • To determine the percent of different age groups and genders in individual churches, our conference, our division and the world church.
  • To mail Adventist publications to subscribers: the Gleaner, Adventist World & Adventist Journey, promotional mailings from Adventist Book Center and Adventist World Radio, and conference mailers (camp meeting, Christmas, and special events).
  • To mail or email information to people holding specific church offices.

Training Opportunities for Clerks

The responsibilities of a church clerk may seem daunting from the start, but we are here to help you with every step.


Understand eAdventist better and your role as the church clerk by participating in a 1 hour training that will go over duties of a church clerk and how to manage eAdventist. I'll help you feel confident in updating eAdventist records!

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