Time to settle in, it's family worship time!

We want to encourage you and your kiddos to grow spiritually together by spending time with Jesus every day together. We also know that sometimes getting family worship started isn't easy. So, we came up with:



What is Family Worship Challenge? It's actually six challenges comprised of different books that we are encouraging you to read with your family during family worship time! The books are inspiring, engaging, and faith building for people of all ages. You can check out more information on the different challenges and books below! 


Each challenge your family completes/submits is either 1 or 2 entries that will be incorporated into a drawing for FREE family camp* at Sunset Lake. Information on how to submit a challenges is below. The more challenges your family completes, the more entries your family will have! 

Challenge submissions must be done and submitted by

July 14, 2024 at 11:59PM


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         Each completed challenge is 1 entry (or 2) into a drawing for FREE Family Camp 2024!*

Increase your chances every time you complete a challenge!


* Free Family Camp includes all members in the immediate family only and includes lodging and food.  EXCLUDES FAMILY CAMP ACTIVITIES! 



Submit a completed Challenge

Challenge submissions must be done and submitted by

July 14, 2024 at 11:59PM


the BOOKS.


Mission Challenge 1


(Each book title is a link that will send you to where you can purchase that book're welcome!)

Singer on the Sand

by Norma Youngberg


An incredible, true story of a missionary family who landed on Great Sangir Island, just south of the Philippines in the Pacific Ocean to teach islanders truth, loyalty and faith. At first the village people were suspicious of the newcomers but soon many grew to love and respect the Christian family. However, the witch doctor, the chief and many of the head men resented them being there. They decided to counteract the Christian influence by importing some Islamic leaders from an island nearby. The plot thickens when the Christians were confined to the seashore while most of the villagers climbed a mountain to escape a gigantic tidal wave that was created by an erupting volcano on an island close by. Read how God intervened and miraculously delivered his servants from serious accidents, destruction and immediate death. A very exciting and thrilling story! Get the book here.


by Norma Youngberg

Superstition, witch doctors, faith, and the power of God collide in "Miracle of the Song." Teejah is a widow and mother of two boys. When she learns about God from the teachings of Rindoo and his "Black Book," she faces the possibility of losing her beloved sons. She is forced to choose between a newfound faith or her deep-rooted belief in the ways of Teepoo, the village witch doctor who is determined to destroy anyone who converts to the new religion. In the midst of Teejah's struggle, Damin, her oldest son, embarks on a journey in search of a place where peace and happiness live in harmony. During his quest for the elusive "white orchid," Damin encounters danger and Teepoo's evil ways. His discovery that a deep faith is more powerful than a great warrior may have come too late to save his own life! Get the book here.


by Norma Youngberg


The boy wanted nothing to do with God—the God the mission teacher talked about. He decided to leave this place and climb the mountain to another village where the witch doctor managed everyone's problems in the good old way, with magic and charms. So he escaped from the cluster of huts beside the shining pool, but Someone followed him. Someone listened to his unspoken word. Someone knew his secret thoughts. Someone knew about events before they happened. Someone protected him from danger. Could God be that great? Then one day, in a blaze of terror, the boy discovered the witch doctor's real character. Drawn by a new affection and strong curiosity, the boy returned to the shining pool; and there he saw the naked power of God revealed in a miracle of love. And he knew the truth: NO ONE CAN HIDE FROM GOD. Get the book here.


Mission Challenge 2


by Eva Lacomte


An interesting story of a family in Old France. Paula has been brought up to love the Lord Jesus and to read the Scriptures. Later, she is orphaned and moves into her cousins’ home where reading the Bible and religion is forbidden. Paula’s loving obedience, friendliness, and overflowing love for everyone she meets and wins the hearts of the family and others. Get the book here.






by Norma Youngberg

Poojee, the Christian teacher, was not afraid of the crocodile and told the villagers about the God of heaven who is greater than all curses in the world. The people started to believe in Poojee's God, but when Nyla fell into the raging river and disappeared, everyone feared the worst. Had the white crocodile eaten Nyla? Was Poojee's God stronger than Malik's curses and the evil spirits of the river? Would Nyla's father ever see her again? Find out in Nyla and the White Crocodile. Get the book here.




by Norma Youngberg


The children of Kondima s village were gathering mushrooms when Mookit shouted, Let's play monkey! It was one of their favorite games. They jumped into the edge of the jungle, grabbed hold of the long vines that hung from the trees, and began to swing. But this time, Kondima s vine broke. She fell into the bushes and felt a sharp pain in her eye. A thorn stuck right in her eye! This beautifully illustrated picture book version of Jungle Thorn will show your child a glimpse of life in the jungle village. They will learn about missionaries, and most importantly, they will see that kindness and care can change lives and teach even a mountain girl about Jesus. Get the book here.



Reformation Challenge 1


by Louise A. Vernon


Johann Gutenberg is working on printing the first Bible with type. Twelve-year-old Hans Dunne works in Gutenberg's shop as an apprentice printer. Soon, Hans finds himself in the middle of a type-stealing mystery. Will Hans, and the other pressmen be able to keep Herr Fust from getting the type? Will they be able to finish the Bible so many people will be able to read and learn from it? Get the book here.






by Louise A. Vernon


William Tyndale wants to translate the Bible into English. He feels the common people of sixteenth-century England should be able to read the Scriptures for themselves. The church and government violently disagree with him.

Collin Hartley, an English boy, works with Tyndale on his dangerous project. Tyndale has to flee to Europe for his life. Collin goes along. Tyndale’s enemies follow him and try to catch him. But Tyndale manages to complete the translation. Then he has the English-language Bibles printed and smuggles them into England. Along with Collin Hartley, you will participate in all the important events of this story. Get the book here.


by Louise A. Vernon


Louise A. Vernon explores the mystery behind the printing of King James Bible in 1611. Who was the secret editor who published the work of 54 different translators and made the Bible sing? Before Nat Culver, a son of a translator, finds out answers to these questions, he is plunged into a series of baffling incidents concerning accusations made against his father. Get the book here.




Reformation Challenge 2


by Louise A. Vernon


The Anabaptists are a small group of Christians who believe that everyone is a priest and should be able to study the Bible. They refuse to baptize their babies, and instead baptize adults on a confession of faith in Christ. Because of these heretical acts they are persecuted and sometimes put in prison.

Richard lives in Germany and is caught up with the Anabaptists when his cousin Otto shows up seeking refuge. Richard needs help to hide Otto, but can he trust his friend Trudi? Her father hates the Anabaptists and wants to get rid of the whole movement!

Join Richard as he helps his family, runs from guards, meets the legendary Menno Simons, and decides for himself whether he too wants to join the secret church. Get the book here.


by Louise A. Vernon


This story is told through the eyes of Bettje and Jan, children of Menno Simons, who lived almost 500 years ago. Menno Simons was first a Catholic priest. As he read and studied the Bible, Menno began to understand the Christian life in a different way. Eventually he became an Anabaptist preacher. It was against the laws of that time for him to preach so Menno's preaching was done in secret at night to small groups. Soon, Menno Simons became the leader of the Anabaptists, now known as Mennonites. Get the book here.



by Louise A. Vernon


Hutterites are known for their natural medicines and living in Bruderhofs. Michael Bruhn, his sister Gudryn, and their widowed mother live in a castle in Moravia. When a doctor wearing ragged clothing heals Gudryn, Michael thinks he, too, must be a Hutterite. Later, Michael learns that this doctor in rags is the famous physican Paracelsus. Michael is impressed and begins to plan when he can also be a doctor. Then tragedy strikes. Get the book here.





by Louise A. Vernon


Martin Luther’s son has a problem. What should young Hans Luther do when he grows up? How can he ever do anything important when he is constantly overshadowed by his famous father? Gradually he discovers who he is and how God wants him to live.Through Hans’ children will learn to know Martin Luther not only as the great Reformer-preacher, but also as a father with a sense of humor and as a friend. Get the book here.




The next two challenges have a two fold element as these books are much more rare, thus harder to find. Ready for a treasure hunt? We call these  "Church Library" challenges as some of them can actually be found there. Give your church library's a look! You might just find what you're looking for! Completion of each "Church Library Challenge" = 2 entries into the family camp drawing.

Church Library Challenge 1 



by Alice Mertie Underhill


From deep inside the jungle of India comes the story of a tiny native boy named Kado. Born into a family of savages, Kado grew up fearful of the spirits and spending his time learning the trades of the village. His home was dirty as it was shared with the family's livestock and had very little if any conveniences. When Christians come to his village with their magic and strange gods, Kado is intrigued. His curiosity grows stronger after a man is fatally bitten by a poisonous snake, but is miraculously healed by these strange white people. Before long, Kado is spending much time with the Christians, learning all he can about a God that loves him and a new way of life free from fear, filth and lawlessness. Over the next few years, Kado spends more time at the mission, and begins to share what he has learned with his friends and neighbors, although not always with positive results. Adventures of Kado is the true-to-life story of a native boy and how he grows from a regular savage's child, to an influential Christian. Get the book here.


by Elsie Lewis Rawson


Story about a boy who was born and raised on the sidewalks of India, who dreamed and hoped to one day go to school. Get the book here.








by Elsie Lewis Rawson


This story is told in the person of an insignificant Indian coin from its creation and its travels throughout India, giving the reader a glimpse of all classes and peoples in the country. It is a fascinating  anthropological journey through India as the coin asks the question about each people group: who will tell them about Jesus? Get the book here.





Church Library Challenge 2 

No Devil Strings

by Eric Were 

This classic story recounts tales of the jungle and of devil worshipers, including a young girl known as Clever Queen. When she is only a baby, Clever Queen is sold for two bags of rice. Sick and in need of a doctor, she is taken by her new mother to the God worshipers Dispensary where she eventually finds help and healing.




Clever Queen

by Eric B. Hare

Set among the jungles of Burma, this story recounts tales of devil worshipers, including a young girl known as Clever Queen. When she is only a baby, Clever Queen is sold for two bags of rice. Sick and in need of a doctor, she is taken by her new mother to the God worshipers Dispensary where she eventually finds help and healing.

This true, exciting story will keep you enthralled and on the edge of your seat. We learn how the Great, Almighty God of heaven works though His Spirit and by His power to convert evil to good. The native villagers, who for generations have believed in the witch doctors and ways of devil worshiping now have a new found guiding light. This classic struggle of good versus evil will lift your spirit and show you the true power of faith. Get the book here.

Tales from the Haunted Pagoda

by Eric B. Hare


Years and years ago a little five-year-old boy knelt at his mother's knee and repeated this little prayer, phrase by phrase, after her: "And, dear Lord, when I grow up, may I be a missionary - at the four corners of the earth - preaching the gospel - for Jesus' sake. Amen."

This story, Treasure From the Haunted Pagoda, tells the marvelous way in thich God prepared the "special place," where that little boy, when he grew to manhood, could serve Him best. It is true from the beginning to end, and even the superstitious tales of the devil-worshipers are narrated as nearly as possible, word for word, the way they were told. Throughout these pages you can trace again and again the blow for blow given by the forces of evil and the forces of righteousness in the great Christian battle, the controversy between Christ and Satan. Get the book here.