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Below is how the Helping Hands curriculum can been adapted to the Sabbath School setting. The curriculum on its own does not include a Bible story in most meeting lessons. Below, Bible story suggestions along with Bible concepts are listed to accompany each lesson. Two things to note:

  1. The meeting lessons are not in order. This is to accommodate for a better flow in telling the Bible Story / Bible concept each Sabbath.
  2. The Bible concept is not only for the children. Remember this is family sabbath school, with parent who also need to be engage. Take time to think about how you would share this concept to help grow those parents, and ultimately those families.


The twenty-two lessons in this series cover the Biblical 28 fundamental beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and coincide with the book What We Believe - for Kids by Jerry D. Thomas. This book is designed to help children understand the Biblical and distinct beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and includes teaching tips for how to explain each concept. Get this book here.

The concepts are a repeat of the Builders curriculum couched in mostly different themes. The goal is to go over these beliefs multiple times as repetition increases impression. In covering these topics at this age group, this could potentially  double as preparation for baptism.







1) Meeting 2: God’s Message to Me

  • The Bible, the Word of God (1)

2) Meeting 5: God’s Power in m Life

  • God in Three Person (2) / God the Father (3) / Jesus (4) / The Holy Spirit (5)

3) Meeting 18: Basket Making*

*The art of basket weaving takes creativity, wisdom, foresight, planning, and care. An intelligent designer is needed. A study of nature points to an intelligent God who deeply cares for His creation.

  • Creation (6)

4) Meeting 4: I am special

  • What Humans are Like (7)

5) Meeting 13: Computers*

*Satan’s war tactics include lying and deception. Just like we must be careful with the content we see on our devices, we must also be wise to discern the lies Satan tries to tell the world about Jesus and His character in this great controversy.

  • The War Between Jesus and Satan (8)

6) Meeting 21: Christmas

  • Jesus Lived, Died, and Lives Again (9) / Baptism (15)

7) Meeting 1: God’s Plan to Save Me

  • How God Saves People (10)

8) Meeting 7: Wise Choices*

*A life with Jesus is a moment by moment choice.

  • Growing with Jesus (11)

9) Meeting 10: I Have a Family

  • God’s Family on Earth (12) / Together in the Family (14)

10) Meeting 6: Honeybees*

*Jesus’ followers before His second coming work together like bees in a hive to tell the world of His love.

  • The Last One’s Left (13)

11) Meeting 8: Hygiene*

* We can be clean outside our bodies and inside with Jesus in our lives. Jesus washed His disciples feet to give them an example of serving others.

  • Jesus’ Last Supper (16)

12) Meeting 17: Sign Language

  • Special Gifts to Work for God (17)

13) Meeting 19: Weather*

*Predicting the weather is challenging and often inaccurate. But, The information God gives His prophets to share and reliable and trustworthy.

  • A Messenger for God (18)

14) Meeting 9: Geology*

*God’s wrote His law with His own finger on tablets of stone, the Sabbath is art the heart of His law.

  • God’s Law (19) / Sabbath: Earth’s Birthday Party (20)

15) Meeting 3: Caring for My World

  • Taking Care of God’s Things (21)

16) Meeting 14: I’m a caring friend

  • Just Like Jesus (22)

17) Meeting 11: Family Members Care for Each Other

  • Home and Family (23)

18) Meeting 16: Carpentry*

*On earth, Jesus worked as a carpenter. Now, He has a special job in the Heavenly Sanctuary where He is working for our salvation.

  • Jesus’ Special Work in Heaven (24)

19) Meeting 22: Bike Rodeo*

*Jesus second coming with be an amazing and glorious event with all the host of Heaven accompanying Him.

  • Jesus is Coming Back (25)

20) Meeting 15: Activities from around the World*

*Every culture around the world has ceremonies to celebrate or bury their dead. The Bible teaches us what really happens when we die and how the righteous will be restored.

  • What Happens When People Die (26)

21) Meeting 20: Hiking*

*You can learn a lot when going on a long hike and the end of the journey is always worth it. So also will the millennium and the end of sin be.

  • The Thousand Years and the End of Sin (27)

22) Meeting 12: Habitats*

*Jesus will recreate the world, free from sin, the perfect habitat for saved humanity.

  • A Brand-New Earth (28)