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Here are some excellent resources to consider for children's programming during an evangelistic series! Be prayerful and reach out if you have any questions or just need to bounce off ideas.



Buried Treasure, produced by It is Written, provides you with an effective, Christ-centered way of not only sharing Jesus with children but also encouraging them to make decisions for Jesus that will last a lifetime.

Featuring original songs, crafts, games, and life-changing Bible learning opportunities, Buried Treasure is specially designed to be used during an evangelistic series. Buried Treasure enables children to learn many of the major teachings of the Bible in a Christ-centered way. Understanding the Bible should be for the whole family, and it is, thanks to Buried Treasure.

Buried Treasure is easy to use and connects children with Jesus, their Savior, and friend. Children will dig into the Bible, and discover that Jesus is the most precious treasure of all!




Buried Treasure Scope and Sequence picture




Amazing Facts has designed multiple Christ-centered resources for children ages 8 to 12—and they’re now all available on this easy-to-carry USB drive. Just insert the USB into your computer and explore the videos, printable Bible lessons, activity book, and illustrated Bible books, all created to lead precious lambs to Jesus!

Amazing Adventure Children's Series (2019) on USB by Pastor Doug Batch



USB Features:

  • Amazing Adventure 10-part video series with Pastor Doug Batchelor, exploring the major teachings of our church
  • Amazing Adventure Bible lessons—10 printable guides and diploma
  • Heroes of Faith activity book—48 printable pages
  • Jim Pinkoski’s Bible coloring books—The Prophecies of Daniel and Revelation, Grave Errors about Death, God’s Law and God’s Grace, A Creationist’s View of Dinosaurs and the Theory of Evolution

Amazing Adventure Children’s Series can be used in many ways to enhance kids’ spiritual journeys:

  • Additional resources to complement children’s Sabbath School or Vacation Bible School program (ages 8 to 12)
  • Bible study for kids
  • Children’s evangelistic meetings
  • Baptismal preparation for children

Even more Amazing Adventure resources are available: Amazing Adventure T-Shirts, DVDs, Adventure Bible, printed lessons, and diploma. Visit to discover them all!




Another Option...

You could also modify Vacation Bible School Curriculum to fit the needs/length of your evangelistic series. Check out more information and tips for planning a VBS here: