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An Intervention

by Doug Bing, Washington Conference president

My family staged an intervention with me a few weeks ago.


To be more specific my wife and daughter staged this intervention.

My daughter and my wife looked at what I was wearing when I came out of the bedroom and slowly shook their head no.

I was wearing one of my favorite t-shirts. I have had the shirt for years. I like the color. I like how it feels. I like everything about that shirt. Apparently, what I viewed as nice however was to my family a worn-out shirt that needed to be discarded.

So I had to look at that shirt with different eyes. I had spent hours wearing that shirt. I liked wearing the shirt. But when I stepped back and thought about it and viewed it through different eyes, I realized that the shirt had to go. I needed to freshen up my t-shirt selection.

I am now looking for a new favorite shirt.

David, when he was writing the longest chapter in the Bible, mentioned worthless things and how our eyes need to look to other things.

Turn away my eyes from looking at worthless things, And revive me in Your ways.

Psalm 119:37

David was asking God for an intervention. He was asking God to help him see things of value instead of spending time with things of no worth. He wanted a refresher course in God’s ways.

In our world today there are so many things that we spend time on that when we look at them with new eyes, we see that they are of little or no value.


We are bombarded by advertisements, social media, TV, and books that add nothing to our walk with God. Yet our eyes are always looking at those things.

This prayer of David’s is still a prayer of today.

The wonderful little book Steps to Christ tells us how to freshen up our walk with God and to turn away from worthless things.

There is nothing more calculated to strengthen the intellect than the study of Scriptures.

Ellen White, Steps to Christ, page 90

So does your spiritual wardrobe need to be freshened up?


Do you need to pray this prayer to God for strength to turn your eyes away from worthless things? Do you need revival in the ways of God?

God offers us each day an opportunity to a walk with Him through the pages of the Bible and through an indwelling of the Holy Spirit. It will help you see life with new eyes and discard the things in your life that are not according to God’s will.