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A 30 Year Prayer



by Belen Trost

God has always been good to me although I have my share of hardships. I had so many answered prayers that I feel so favored by our Father in Heaven.

I am married to a man who believes in God but does not go to church nor want to talk anything that has to do with God. I prayed for Chuck for over 30 years and asked our congregation and ask any pastor who heads our church to pray for him.


About 3 years ago, Chuck had an emergency surgery for lymphatic drain syndrome. He was released on the third day after operation.

On that same week, we had a Prophecy Seminar that the church was hosting. I was the person responsible to prepare the snack table for our guests and visitors. I already had asked someone else to do my assignment as I planned to stay home with him.

However, my husband wanted me to go and not miss the first day of the seminar as well as to take care of the snack table. I refused to go, but he said he will go with me if I don’t want to leave him alone. Anyway it was just a sit down, listen to the speaker meeting, he reasoned.

He also said he will just go that first night and for me not to expect him to go any other times. So together we went. We didn’t talk much about the seminar when we got home.

The next day at around 6:15 pm, I saw my husband changing and like getting ready to go somewhere. He looked at me and told me to get ready as well. He said he doesn’t want to be late to the Prophecy Seminar meeting.

Long story short, Chuck never missed any meeting even though he just had a major stomach operation. My husband got baptized before the end of the seminar. He is now a church going, Sabbath keeping, vegetarian Adventist who reads the Bible regularly. Praise God He answers prayers in His own time.