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Jesus Wants You!

by Doug Bing, Washington Conference president

He is pointing at you.


Most of us have at one time or another seen the famous poster of the mythical Uncle Sam dressed in red, white, and blue with his top hat. He has his index finger pointing directly at you with the caption, “I Want You.”

It was a call to action during a crisis. It was a call to action during war time. It was a call to action for each person to get involved. It was a call to action for citizens to sign up for military service.

During those times, there were other calls to action for different ways to serve. People were urged to buy war bonds. People were urged to bring in all their scrap metal so that it could be melted down and recycled for the war effort. There was rationing of certain food items. Everyone was involved in some way in helping the war effort during those times of war. In talking to people from that era, you will find that people felt like they all made sacrifices.

We see the same type of advertising during this time of Covid-19. People are all urged to do their part and help defeat this virus. There are many things that are being urged upon us right now to help in the containment of this virus.

However, the call for all to be involved is much older than the posters of the world wars. It is much older than the social media and TV advertisements for everyone to wear a mask and wash your hands.

Jesus gave that call centuries ago when the great commission was given in Matthew 28:19 when he told the early church to “go therefore and make disciples of all the nations. . ."


He also showed how this is to be done in Mark 6:7—“And He called the twelve to Himself and began to send them out two by two and gave them power over unclean spirits.”

Notice the three parts to this verse.

  • First of all, Jesus called them to come to him. That is Jesus pointing at you. He is saying, “I want You.” Don’t be looking at the person next to you or behind you or in front of you. He is looking at you.
  • Second, Jesus sent them out. Each one of us has been sent out. Each of us has a mission field. Each of us has a place to be involved.
  • Third, Jesus gave them power. As you study the early church in Acts, you see amazing things that happen as the disciples went out to the places God sent them. You see amazing miracles and you see others being called and others going and others also with great power.

Our world is different now but the call for all members to be involved in the mission is the same.

Jesus wants and calls you to that mission. He sends you to your mission. And the same power that was given then is still promised to be given daily to each of us through the Holy Spirit.

Jesus wants you to be totally involved in the mission He has called you for, sent you to and empowered you for.


Find a way this week to share a word of encouragement with your pastor, a local teacher, a neighbor, a family member, or a friend. Share the love of Jesus and be a light for Him.