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How to Start a Ministry

How to Start a Ministry

Starting a ministry presents great opportunities to grow and share your faith! The most important thing you can do in starting a new ministry is to spend quality time in Bible study and prayer as you prepare plans for developing your ministry.

10 Questions to Help You Start a New Ministry

1. What is God calling you to do?


2. Does your ministry area already exist? If it doesn't, what need or core problem will your new or revitalized ministry meet? Define why this new ministry needs to exist and your purpose in pursuing this new ministry.


3. Who is the target audience for your new ministry? Clearly define your target audience demographics, their needs, interests, values, attitudes and lifestyles. Identify the best way to reach your target audience. Strive to reach outside of your church to meet a community need.


4. What are your ministry objectives? Define your goals, list your objectives, and outline services your ministry will provide. You will also want to include any “market research” on similar services offered in your community.


5. How often will you provide your ministry service? Determine the frequency of the services or activities associated with your ministry. Be consistent with your timing whether your services are provided on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis.


6. What resources are available to help establish this ministry? Community partners? Church partners? Tap into established ministry resources and training opportunities.


7. How will you fund your ministry? Define how much funding you will need and list methods of funding your new ministry.


8. How will you recruit fellow volunteers? Ministry partners help you achieve your vision for serving the community. Recruit volunteers with who you are comfortable working. Make new friends who have similar interests to help in your new ministry, too. All volunteers will need to go through background screening.


9. How will you let people know about your new ministry? Establish 1-3 message points about your ministry and list methods of promotion.


10. How and when will you evaluate your ministry? Your objectives will help you know if your new ministry is achieving success or not. Your church leaders may suggest a ministry trial period where you can test out your  ministry plans and evaluate how they are working after an initial 1-3 month period and after a year of ministry.


With your answers in hand, talk with your pastor and church board about launching this new ministry. With your new ministry, strive to serve God with excellence. Put your strengths to work. Authentically share your faith. Make connections with people. Empower volunteers. Tap into training opportunities. Work in unity. Trust God. Grow in your ministry as you grow your ministry.


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