God's Protected Species

God's Protected Species

By Pam Scott, Washington Conference associate treasurer


One warm August night my husband and I were walking along the waterfront in Tacoma, Wash. The sun had set and the fishermen were lined up with their poles out on the pier. As we walked closer, I saw a couple of small dogfish sharks about twelve to fifteen inches long laying on their cleaning table. The fishermen use dogfish as bait for sixgill sharks which average from seven to nine feet long and present a different fishing experience for the fishermen.

When we spoke with one of the fishermen he said he would catch one of the larger sharks every night. I asked him what he did with them; Did he eat them? “No,” he said. “Sixgill sharks are a protected fish, so we release them.  I just enjoy the fight!”

This encounter made me think of Satan; You and I are a protected species. Jesus died and rose again, paying the penalty for sin so that Satan can have no claim over us. But that doesn’t stop Satan from enjoying the fight. The fishermen knew their prey’s habits; that these bottom-dwelling fish surfaced at night to feed and are attracted to shiny objects and the scent of blood. The fishermen were prepared with heavy duty rods made for catching large fish.

Never doubt that Satan is prepared. He knows what we are attracted to, our characteristics and patterns, and he uses the right tools to try and hook us. But we are a protected species and Satan can’t have us! Our Creator has put limits on the power of the devil. Prayer is our defense. When we pray we are submitting ourselves to the power of God.

So give yourselves to God. Stand against the devil and he will run away from you.

Jame 4:7, NIV