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12 Realities of a Pastor

12 Realities of a Pastor


October is Pastors Appreciation Month and is customarily celebrated on the second weekend of October. It’s a time to express appreciation in a meaningful way to your pastor. It’s a time to encourage the encourager!

Here are some realities:

1. Pastors are humans too!
2. Pastors experience burn out!
3. Pastors get overwhelmed and discouraged at times!
4. Pastors give of themselves often times at the expense of time with their family!
5. Pastors are all things to all people!
6. Pastors spend a lot of time rebuilding people’s lives and families and spiritual communities away from the glare of the spotlight and social media recognition
7. The bulk of what pastors do is NOT on display on social media.
8. Pastors are the confidential repository of people’s personal pains, failures, and fears.
9. Pastors faithfully fulfill the call to preach the gospel, whether it’s 2, 22 or 222 members!
10. Pastors fulfill their calling not for earthly affirmation but for heavens approval.
11. There is no sin in a tangible expression of appreciation to your pastor!
12. Don’t forget the pastor, their spouse, and children!

Take some time to express appreciation to a pastor today! 

Feel free to spread a POSITIVE message of appreciation to your pastor so they feel the love and appreciation!

Happy Pastors appreciation month to all our pastors here and beyond!

Blog post courtesy of English Ministries of the Greater New York Conference of Seventh-day Adventists